100 Days Project

Jessica: Herbivore

I am a vegetarian and an unashamed foodie, constantly scouring cookbooks and the internet for new recipe ideas. I have collected hundreds of recipes from online, and have an ever growing cookbook collection. Yet, like most people, I tend to resort to the comfortable and familiar and only rarely try something new; usually when I am feeling "adventurous". So . . . for 100 days I am going to make a new recipe that I have not tried yet. This may be a main dish, but I also have recipes for baking, dips, side dishes, deserts, breakfast bars, and cocktails that have been tempting me from my computer screen or the pages of my latest cook book. I realize that some of these may turn out fantastic, some may turn out OK, and some might end up being downright disasters, but that is all going to be part of the adventure. Friends have been trying to get me to start a food blog for awhile now. I have thought about it from time to time, even thought up a name for the blog "Herbivore", but never seem to have gotten around to actually starting it. So I figured no better way to document this project and get used the idea of blogging than do both at the same time and document the successes and failures in my kitchen during this project in a blog form that can hopefully continue into the future.