100 Days Project


Q. Why do this?

A. For the challenge and rewards of embarking on a daily creative exercise for 100 consecutive
days without break. To exercise your ability to think creatively, and flexibly. For students and young designers/writers/photographers this is potentially really valuable as it creates and demands of you
a certain kind of discipline and resilience that will serve you well in your work.

For experienced practitioners it's a chance to connect with creativity in a more personal way, and re-enthuse yourself. It's also an excuse to explore or address new types of media or skills you would like to improve.

Q. I'm not a designer, can I still participate?

A. Yes of course! The project is open to anyone, previously we have had a mix of designers, photographers, artists, teachers, students, mums, account managers, writers, and even children. The project is
especially helpful in developing skills for design professionals, and this is where it originated from.

Q. I don't live in New Zealand, can I still take part?

A. Yes of course! Anyone from anywhere, can register for the project.
In the past we've had folks from all over the world take part. 

Q. Do I have to present my project at day 100?

A. No. It would be great if everyone could, but if you have documented the process and are
happy to share it in someway...that would be just as awesome.

Q. Any tips?

A. Keep it simple. 100 days is a long time to be doing something complicated and overly technical.
Have fun and make it relevant to you.

Q. So I have registered – now what?

Log in to the site, enter your profile & project details and start planning for Day One on June 7.

Q. I've already registered, so why I don't see my name on the homepage?

A. Your name will only appear on the website when you've added in a title and description about your project.

Q. Do I have to record each day of my project on the website?

A. You might prefer to keep your record offline, in a journal or on paper. You do have to record your daily efforts somewhere though, and I really do hope you'll share each day (a scan, photo, video, words) via the website. A lot of people will see your project this way, and support you!

Q. Where will we meet at day 100?

A. The 2013 venue is yet to be decided. But it will be somewhere central in Auckland, and it will be BIG!

Q. Do you need any help on Day 100?

A. That would be great! Offers of help around the 100th day event are much appreciated. We need help putting up the projects, setting up the catering, and any supply of hardware, computers or iPads for digital displays would be awesome.

And technical FAQs:

Q. Why can't I upload my image off my computer, why do I just see error code?

A. Try resizing your image down to under 2mb, or 800pixels wide.

Q. Why can't I upload my image from my iPad?

A. The upload functions are not yet optimised for mobile or tablet devices.

Got a question? Like to help out? Email me: [email protected]